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All your transport solutions in one place

Trust Road Tech to provide reliable, scalable solutions for all your Road Transport needs.

From Warehousing and Vehicle Tracking to Tachograph Analysis and Daily Vehicle checks - Road Tech have the solutions.

  • Built with connectivity in mind
  • Cross-product navigation
  • Shared location data

Thousands of transport companies across Europe depend on Road Tech.
For over 25 years our products have led the way. With our exciting new solutions, you can look forward to the next 25.

Robust Technology for Road Transport

With our range of services we can integrate with applications you already use with other people.

You may have a telematics system. Using our web services, that data can be used with:

  • Tachomaster; to show you tachograph activity locations
  • Roadrunner; to show you job updates and other products.
  • And more…
  • 25+ years in the Transport industry
  • Dedicated, secure cloud servers
  • Complete access to your data

Native product integration

All Road Tech products are built with integration in mind. Even so, each product is 100% independent.

The benefits are endless when using 2 or more Road Tech products, with the data being shared across all services.

  • One login for all services
  • Available all day, from any PC
  • Scheduled reports emailed direct

Our Services


Vehicle Tracking
Tachomaster integration

Reliable fleet tracking and detailed analytics. Falcon has helped saved companies on fuel and improved driver behaviour.

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Transport Management

Over 25 years of development have produced the most comprehensive TMS available.

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Tachograph Analysis
Falcon integration

The market leading tachograph analysis solution is used by thousands of companies.

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Using the Android platform, drivers can do their pre-drive checks and damage reports quickly.

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Why not take Tachomaster for a spin? Completely free for 28 days, allowing you to upload as much data as you want and run as many reports as you can.
You can Sign Up now on the Tachomaster website

Integrated Solutions

We live in a time where everything is connected, where the Internet enables us to do more than ever with the data we have available.

Road Tech's products take advantage of this data availability. Tachomaster users who are scrutinising their driver behaviour have the ability to see locations of tachograph events, drill down in to the vehicle data and discover driving styles and probably most importantly: save fuel.

With Road Tech services it's possible to see where your driver took that rest break - and perhaps suggest behaviour to improve efficiency based on this information.

With PreDrive you can check, or be notified automatically, when a driver completed his pre-driving checks (and if they passed).