A dynamic telematics and vehicle tracking system

Optimise your fleet performance, improve fuel economy and get precise vehicle tracking with live detailed insight into individual vehicles and drivers. Make better decisions based on real results and analyse reports, highlight anomalies and expose patterns to improve fleet efficiencies.

From £19 a month per vehicle

DOT Tracking’s most popular software features

Automate and integrate your real-time data to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs to your business. DOT Tracking offers vehicle tracking and detailed analytics to help optimise your fleet and save you time and money.

DOT Tracking - Live Vehicle Tracking.

DOT Tracking gives you real-time vehicle tracking for your entire fleet. The current positions of all vehicles are overlaid on detailed maps - road and satellite imagery come with all plans. The display can be customised to show vehicle registration, fleet number or a description of the vehicle by each marker on the map.

Vehicle & Driver Performance Calendars

DOT Tracking provides a Vehicle and Driver Performance Calendar to give the user a simple, quick overview of a specific vehicle or driver. You can easily see what days a driver did not perform so well on and bring up the journeys for that day with one click - you can then see the vehicle and route that was driven and any potential problems.

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Pricing Plans To Suit You.

Mix and match your pricing plans with DOT Tracking. As an example, you may want to have a few vans using the Tracking only plan to track their speed and receive incoming events such as geofence hits or movement outside of curfew. Alongside your fleet of vans your heavier vehicles could be on the Advanced Telematics plan to record data to help you investigate driving styles and reduce fuel costs.

Real-time Vehicle Status from DOT Tracking.

Detailed information about every vehicle is sent to DOT Tracking constantly throughout the day. This means DOT Tracking can provide you with up-to-date information not only about a vehicle's position. With our Latest Positions Screen you can see the current speed, fuel level, driver*, recent events and geofence hits.

* Requires Tachomaster

Need help? Technical support from DOT Tracking.

Telephone queries will be answered immediately and all calls are taken directly by our support team, there is no holding queue. Call our technical support team on 01923 469222 or email us your issue at feedback@dottracking.co.uk.

DOT Tracking high-tech GPS units.

Our High-tech GPS Units DOT Tracking’s wide range of features accommodates all types of businesses and individuals wanting to track and analyse vehicles and their movements. Using our high-tech GPS unit, data is sent to dedicated servers at Road Tech - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This data is processed instantly and can be viewed anywhere in the world.

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The most secure software for the transport industry.

Road Tech is the only transport software company that can offer real data security. We execute penetration testing on our state-of-the-art in-house servers to ensure your information, assets and infrastructure are protected 24-7. All equipment is installed on market leading hardware and software, offering the best possible services both in performance and availability.

Integrated software solutions from Road Tech.

Our powerful set of integrated software will help you automate, integrate and simplify your operations and help reduce costs to your business. No other company can offer the complete range of products including: tachograph analysis, vehicle tracking, daily driver defect and damage reporting, instant DVLA Licence checking and the complete transport management system.

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