The complete transport management system

Plan, manage, deliver, report and invoice your work quickly and easily with Roadrunner. Roadrunner sits at the heart of any transport company helping to simplify daily operations of planning, managing, delivering, reporting and invoicing.

Manage your operations with greater efficiency and visibility with the Roadrunner TMS system.

Roadrunner’s most popular software features

Roadrunner is a fully featured transport management system, able to manage all types of transport businesses from one-man operations, pallet network operators, all the way up to multi-depot with variable fleet and order types. Roadrunner lets you manage your day-to-day traffic office tasks. From ordering to planning, job sheets to invoicing and more. It's easy to use, drives efficiency and puts you in complete control of your workflow - so you can spend more time developing your business.

Eases your workload with Roadrunner.

Roadrunner contains a wealth of features to ease your workload and help you run your business in a more efficient and effective way. Whether you need your own customer on-line traffic portal including live signature capture for your deliveries, on-line PODs and data links with your customers or suppliers, Roadrunner has everything you’ll need.

Send jobs to your driver instantly.

Roadrunner Driver for Android devices send jobs to your driver instantly. Drivers can update selected weights, volume, references or comments. Record signatory details and signature capture (sign on glass). Discrepancies at pallet or job level.

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Roadrunner POD Scanning.

Should your customers still require proof of delivery on paper, Roadrunner POD Scanning will scan, store and provide access to all scanned documentation combined with signature captures for printing and emailing from the Roadrunner client or accessible through Roadrunner Live.

Need help? Technical support from Roadrunner.

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Vehicle run planner and empty running.

Use the vehicle planner to show the route the vehicle will take. Empty running can be automatically generated and additional empty running legs can be added in a few seconds. Dynamic run totals are generated and revenue analysis available on the client and Roadrunner Live.

The most secure software for the transport industry.

Road Tech is the only transport software company that can offer real data security. We execute penetration testing on our state-of-the-art in-house servers to ensure your information, assets and infrastructure are protected 24-7. All equipment is installed on market leading hardware and software, offering the best possible services both in performance and availability.

Integrated software solutions from Road Tech.

Our powerful set of integrated software will help you automate, integrate and simplify your operations and help reduce costs to your business. No other company can offer the complete range of products including: tachograph analysis, vehicle tracking, daily driver defect and damage reporting, DVLA Licence checking and the complete transport management system.

Other key features:

Roadrunner Live features:

Roadrunner Hosted features:

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Whether you manage a few vehicles or a large fleet, you want the same results: cost-effective productivity that fuels the bottom line. Our goal is to provide you with the most advanced software solutions available. You can manage, control and analyse your data instantly, making driver safety, security and compliance easier. Maximise your efficiency and improve productivity saving your business time, money, and hassle.

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